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Site Rules

Site Rules

Site Rules

This is a simplified readable version of our Terms of Service concerning the few rules we have in place to protect our usesrs as well as our advertisers. Advertisers whether its companys or other users creating Jobs/Tasks are paying for the cryptocurrency we give out so any attempt to bypass the rules set in place damages the earning potential of all other users.

Please follow the rules as we really do hate to ban users.

1. Only Create One Account
Only one account is permitted per person/location/household/IP/connection. Advertisers are willing to pay for a real/unique person viewing/interacting with their offer. They do not want to pay to advertise to multiple people in a single location or multiple accounts controlled by one person.

2. No VPN/Proxy
Do not complete any offer with a VPN/Proxy as it masks your location and advertisers will not pay for actions.

3. Accurate Information
You must provide accurate, truthful, and valid information during all stages of membership including any verification methods via the Settings->Trust page.

4. No Fake Referrals
Do not create fake referrals in an attempt to misuse the referral program.

Please abide by the rules so you can continue earning and participate in all the new ways to earn we are working on.
Thank you for being a valued member of EarnBitcoin!

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